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Why City Walk?

The name “City Walk” reflects the walks we have had in the beautiful cities of Armenia. Walks that have changed our lives, enriched our senses, and provided us with a limitless source of heart-warming memories, that are to be cherished for as long as we live. Today, our goal remains, and will always be, to fulfill our attempts to stay constantly and personally connected with our dear clients, that is why we have designed services that are affordable, comfortable, and enjoyable to meet all their needs and wishes.


We can provide you with anything you ask for, from food, to airport transfers, and even tours and excursions to help you explore and discover more of Armenia. Remember, you do not get to know a place unless you really experience and live all that it has to offer.


Your stay at City Walk, will be one that is hard to forget, as you will feel right at home. It warms our heart when our guests enjoy their stay, and it aches when it is time for them to leave. Nevertheless, the bright side remains, that more and more beautiful people grace us with their presence every day.


City Walk will always be open to welcome you home, any time, any day.


Welcome home!


  • Recreation room
  • Cafés and internet
  • A common kitchen and washroom
  • Barbeque areas
  • Daily breakfast at the hotel
  • Well-equipped beds
  • 4 dorm rooms and 2 double rooms
  • Airport transfers
  • Local excursions