Why Do People Travel to Armenia?


Dubai, located in United Arab Emirates is a fast paced luxurious city located in the Arabian Peninsula. It is well-known for its warm hospitality and rich culture and heritage. The city is often misunderstood of being a country due its rapid growth and success achievement under the vision of Sheikh Mohammed, Vice President of UAE and the Ruler of Dubai. Due to its efficiency in trade flow and liberal rules and regulations, it has been called the Commercial Capital of UAE.

Although, this small sized emirate has a lot to offer in terms of luxury travel, intriguing desert, beaches, and shopping malls, it still pushes a lot of tourists to escape from the extremely hot and dry climate of Dubai due to its geographical location.


To explore new destinations, and escape the climate people from Dubai often travel to colder destinations that offer a variety of tourism resources. One such country is Armenia which is located in the European continent. In the recent times, many people have started to explore Armenia and there are many reasons to it.

Reasons why people have started to travel from Dubai to Armenia:

  • To see the first Christian Country in the world with enriched culture and rich heritage that is well preserved.
  • To experience the breath-taking view of Mount Ararat, which is considered a symbol of Motherland in all of Armenia.
  • Take a dip in the Inverted Sky of the Lake Sevan which is the longest lake in Armenia.
  • To taste the most ancient cuisine in Europe, that is the Armenian Cuisine. One of the Armenian bread, Lavash, is included into the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.
  • Taste the most delicious water in the world. Armenian water is considered one of the safest and the most delicious in the world. The secret of this is that the water supply comes from only pure natural resources.
  • Due to its mountainous terrain and favorable climatic conditions, Armenia is the best option for the adventurers for engaging into extreme sports. It is recently started being famous for paragliding.
  • As per the old Armenian saying, Guests are considered a gift of God which makes more and more people travel to this country because of their warm hospitality.
  • It is an easily accessible country with limited visa procedures and frequent flights from Dubai.
  • Many tourism companies in Dubai have designed travel packages to Armenia at different yet affordable rates by all.
  • Armenia offers diversified landscapes even though it is a small country with over 5000 years of history.
  • Armenia is also a jewel for its famous hot mineral water springs.
  • It is an affordable destination for a visit with quite reasonable rates on hotels and dine in.

Mount Ararat

Even though Armenia is still considered a poor destination in terms of poverty and unemployment, it is extremely rich in terms of its tourism offerings be it the landscapes, beauty, culture and heritage or the adventures. It is a small nation that has much more than its size to offer the tourists and must surely be worth a visit. There are many companies that provide quick and best Armenia holiday package services so that this untouched country can be brought into the eyes of many avid travelers.